How to Use the Changemaker Assessment to Prevent Burnout and Thrive

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3 min readMar 15, 2024


By Nora F. Murphy Johnson, PhD

Everyone has a role in the journey towards transformative change. One thing we know for sure about the journey: Changing the world takes a lot of work, which makes it easy for changemakers to be on the edge of burnout.

But did you know that sticking with the roles that come the most naturally to you can help prevent that burnout and make you thrive as a changemaker? If you want to learn how, keep on reading!

Step 1: Take the Changemaker Assessment

If you identify with too many changemaker roles, that’s okay! The first step is to take the Changemaker Assessment. It will help you discover the roles that fit you best.

Once you’re done taking the assessment, the results will show you your ranking for each role. The highest scores indicate the roles that come the most natural to you and give you energy, and the lowest scores indicate the roles that are the least natural to you and drain your energy.

Step 2: Focus on the top three roles you rank in

When it comes to creating change, it’s important not to just do what we are good at or what we like to do. Instead, we must lean into the roles that come the most naturally and give us the most energy. This will help you thrive as a changemaker.

Once you know your top three roles, learn more about them! We have many helpful resources, from each changemaker role’s full profile on our website to blog posts that go more in-depth about each role on our Medium.

Step 3: Check-in with yourself about your inner wellbeing

Each profile has recommendations for inner work. This tailored advice for personal growth aligns with the unique demands and strengths of your role in driving change. Take the time to read through these suggestions. Identify the ones that resonate with where you’re currently at in life and that promise the most profound impact on your wellbeing and effectiveness as a changemaker.

After pinpointing the practices that speak to you, craft a personal plan to weave them into your daily routine. Whether it’s carving out moments for meditation, engaging in reflective journaling, or pursuing creative outlets, the goal is to foster consistent self-care habits. Regularly revisit your progress, adjusting your approach as necessary, to ensure that these practices continue to serve your evolving needs and aspirations. This deliberate focus on inner wellbeing is a cornerstone of sustained resilience and impact in the journey of change.

Step 4: Collaborate or hire out the rest

As mentioned earlier, everyone has a role in the journey towards transformative change. It’s impossible for one person to fill every role, but that’s okay because everyone has different strengths. Societies flourish when people with different skills work together to create a better world.

A society with only jesters probably won’t change much, but a society with jesters, builders, healers, and weavers? They’ll make way more impact.

If your top three roles are the creator, storyteller, and ethicist, you can hire out or collaborate with roles different than yours, such as hosts, lightworkers, or negotiators.

When we work together, we create the most impact. The most sustainable societies ensure everyone fills the roles that come most naturally and energizes them while working with others to help them in the areas they don’t specialize in.

Step 5: Learn to work well with your “frenemies”

In our journey of transformative change, it’s inevitable to encounter changemakers who challenge us because they are our frenemies. The relationship with a frenemy is complex and often involves underlying competition, friction, or tension, alongside moments of genuine friendship, support, or collaboration. Each profile lists potential frenemies and shares why these two roles might find themselves at odds. It’s crucial to recognize that we need them — indeed, we need each other. This step is about how to be in a generative relationship with people that we need, but sometimes avoid.

Step 6: Share your results!

Once you know your results, feel free to share them on social media! Use the hashtag #MyChangemakerRoles and tag us @InspireToChang8 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This is a great way to connect with other changemakers, help others discover their changemaking roles, and start your journey as a changemaker!



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