The Bridger: Bridging relationships across cultural and conceptual divides

Inspire to Change
3 min readFeb 28, 2024

By Nora F. Murphy Johnson, PhD

In this blog series, we’ll dive into the 22 changemaker roles. Each of these roles plays a part in driving transformation and working towards a just world in their unique way. We share them to help you discover your own role as a changemaker because supporting changemakers around the globe means creating a more whole, beautiful, and just world.


Imagine a world where cultures, ideas, individuals, and interest groups exist as solitary islands, surrounded by a vast ocean of differences.

Sometimes, it’s simply the distance that separates these islands. Other times, these waters are troubled by discord and mistrust.

Thankfully, in a world brimming with divisions, there exists bridgers — the changemakers who build bridges that foster co-creation and unity.

About the Bridger

Bridgers are the architects of the bridges that connect these “islands”, helping them find common ground, collaborate, learn from each other, and work towards common goals.

They’re motivated by a deep sense of empathy, a genuine desire to understand others, and an unwavering commitment to



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